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CROSS THE AGES is a dynamic universe in where fantasy and science fiction come together and clash. The two worlds share the single continent of Artellium. To the west lies the Arkhante, masters of magic and summoning. To the east, the city-continent Mantris is home the Neurotechs multicultural people whose technology has invaded their everyday life.

The young Malkha, surrounded by her seven Primus, reigns from the capital, Babylonia. Mantris is home to Neurotechs, an ultra-connected multicultural people whose technology has invaded everyday life.
The Amortals are humans who have transferred their minds to super-AIs, run the corporations for which the citizen-shareholders of Mantris work.


It’s an epic, dark fantasy world. In Arkhante life is hard and society cruel; brutality is justice, and no hero is perfect. Most of the inhabitants here live in poverty and mud, while the powerful live in splendor and opulence.


The in-between world is located in Rift. Not being part of any side, the people of this land are the bridge between the two visions.


Atmosphere  Mantris is an ultra-connected futuristic world. The world evokes a relatively near future, with advanced technology but without post-futuristic disruption (meaning no wormholes or faster-than-light travel, no aliens or galactic empires, no spaceships and no diaspora of humanity).

From virtual to real

Trading Card

CROSS THE AGES creates a unique experience as a the bridge between two worlds.

The first world offers a sense of nostalgia, reminding many of us of our panini card packs.
The other world is one in wich technology guides us marking all of our information details and memories digitised.

CROSS THE AGES is a universe made up of several themes. Within the universe, the first collection explores the world of machines as well as community of monsters resulting in more than 365 collectable cards with different scarcity and unique traits.


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