Why are we here?

At Cross The Ages, we aim to make the world a better place by creating a new, amazing and innovative experience for all our players. We share our love of games, dare to chase beautiful dreams and make them come true by creating a game like none have seen before.

Our CEO’s message

CTA opens the door to the future through happiness and innovative technologies. We will keep working to spread our passion all over the world. 

In order to create a universe where science fiction and fantasy merge, we are leveraging the best elements of retro-gaming and collectibles to deliver a revolutionary Web3 gaming experience that is free-to-play and play-and-earn.

Our Global Network

Cross The Ages has built a global network, sharing our passion and values worldwide.

Core Values

Passion à la Française

We believe that anyone with passion, vision, and perseverance can make a positive impact in the world. 

Excitement, limitless possibility and happiness allow us to unleash our powerful imagination to create the best game possible.


One of our strengths is our honesty with our players, our partners and within our team,

We believe that sincere communication forged  through trust and respect is important.

We are extremely careful with your Privacy & Data Security.


At CTA, we strive for  bigger, higher and stronger.

Innovation, creativity and determination are at the core of the CTA team.

Our Mission

To create more than a game.


  • Trailer release
  • Mobile Release
  • Game Early Access
  • Game Internal Testing
  • Game Production

October 2021

Game Design

December 2021

Game Production

March 2022

Game Internal Testing

Mai 2022

Releasing First Collection of the Cards “Arkhante”

October 2022

Game Early Access

December 2022

Mobile Release

January 2023

Trailer release

CTA’s responsibility

We are working on increasing the diversity of our game content to represent the diversity of our world and be more inclusive. We also have a special focus on supporting artists, music producers and talent worldwide.

How we are doing so far

First assessment

games played in 48 hours
people on board

More than a hundred characters


Two books out of

already published in 6 languages

More than

cards designed by our artists
development studio
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