Cross the ages ©️ is a universe in which fantasy and science fiction come together. The two worlds share the single continent of Artellium. To the west lies Arkhante, masters of magic and summoning. To the east, the city-continent Mantris is home to an ultra-connected multicultural people whose technology has invaded everyday life.

The young Malkha, surrounded by her seven Primus, reigns from the capital, Babylonia. To the east, the city-continent Mantris is home to Neurotechs, an ultra-connected multicultural people whose technology has invaded everyday life.
The Amortals, humans who have transferred their minds to super-AIs, run the corporations for which the citizen-shareholders of Mantris work.

Cross the Ages is free to play however but, to move faster throught the game and access additionnal features, we have created a tokens called CRYSTALS.

Currently, Cross the Ages features 66 internationals artists.

As of today, 334 cards are already drawn.

Beginning/Mid of 2022.

Public Gameplay End 2022.

NFT Marketplace

The Cross the Ages Market-place contains 3 main functionalities:

  1. This is where users will register accounts an provide KYC
  2. Users will connect wallets here with existing wallet services and linked to the accounts
  3. Trading will happen here. The trading that will be executed through smart contracts, where user will deposit their funds from the wallet and will be enabled to buy and sell NFTs.

The Marketplace will use smart contracts to control item auctions and transactions. This open marketplace will allow for the free trade of digital collectibles between the users.



66 international artists.


CRYSTALS allow players to buy:
  • Packs of cards
  • Avatars
  • Skins
  • Binders
Customized cardbacks
  • 100 -> 2,99
  • 500 -> 13,99
  • 1000 -> 24,90
  • 2000-> 44,90
  • 5000 -> 99,90
The Megabox contains random cards, skins, and even gold. Everyday this box becomes bigger and bigger. By the seventh day, however, the box has reached it’s maximum.

It’s a daily reward. Meaning, every 24 hours a player can claim one.


Each success unlocks a badge.
The badge itself is platinable.

Successes such as the following would lend themselves to earning a badge:

  • X sales made
  • Collect X cards
  • X for sale on the marketplace
  • Open X packages
  • Complete a collection alternative
  • Premiere X number of fusion
  • Purchase a Sunday pack
  • Destroy X
  • Logon consecutively for 5 days whitin a week
  • Unlocked X skins
  • Purchase a booster of each


  1. Collect cards with any risk of damage
  2. Trace back membership history for each card
  3. Get a guarantee of limited card number
  4. Carry out 100%-secure transactions
  5. Protect valuable cards against theft

6 Levels

50 cards100 cards150 cards1 complete set2 complete sets
3 slots4 slots5 slots


For each card obtained, the player can perform a merge to increase the level of the card and get the alternative version.Some alternative cards require a specific combination of cards to merge. During each merge, a card is destroyed.

No. All of the cards which are available in the real world are no longer allowed to be merged, sold or destroyed.


1 or 2 cards2 or 3 cards3 or 4 cards4 or 5 cards5 or 6 cards
85% chance15% chance1 Rare 1:31 Rare1 Ultra rare
5% chance1 % chance0,3 % chance
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