Cross the ages ©️ is a universe in which fantasy and science fiction come together. The two worlds share the single continent of Artellium. To the west lies Arkhante, masters of magic and summoning. To the east, the city-continent Mantris is home to an ultra-connected multicultural people whose technology has invaded everyday life.

The young Malkha, surrounded by her seven Primus, reigns from the capital, Babylonia. To the east, the city-continent Mantris is home to Neurotechs, an ultra-connected multicultural people whose technology has invaded everyday life.
The Amortals, humans who have transferred their minds to super-AIs, run the corporations for which the citizen-shareholders of Mantris work.

Cross the Ages is free to play however but, to move faster through the game and access additional features, you can buy a currency (Prana) that let allow you to get cards in the shop.

Early Access to the game starts on October 12th 2022.

General Availability is on November 9th 2022.


Currently, Cross the Ages features 100 internationals artists.


The Cross the Ages Marketplace contains 3 main functionalities:

  1. You access the marketplace directly in-game, only NFTs are tradeable there.
  2. The wallet used is the one tied to your game account.
  3. Trading happens on the blockchain, you need to have enough cryptocurrency deposited on your wallet before proceeding.

The Marketplace leverage IMX network, order book is shared across the protocol.
Fees are divided into 3 parts, one for the protocol, one for the marketplace and one for Cross The Ages. Prices includes those fees.


There is three currencies: Trisel, Prana and CTA.

Previously, the name we used for Trisel was Gold and Crystal for Prana.
We have officially changed these names for a more immersive experience into the lore of Cross The Ages.


You can get cards in multiple different ways:

  1. Buying one of our pre-sale packs.
  2. Unlocking free chests earned after each win.
  3. Completing daily and weekly missions.
  4. Buying chests containing from 1 to 48 packs in the Shop.
  5. Compete into tournaments.

Booster packs from Cross The Ages are following the same rules as the ones printed in the real world.

Each cards follow the same pattern and everything is determined in advance + the supply is limited, exactly like how cards are printed in the industry.

There is no generation done when you buy them or open them, the big list of cards is consumed in the order and each cards are distributed equally one by one inside each packs during the initial distribution.

Depending on the amount of packs you buy directly, you can guarantee to minimize the duplicates and have exactly the cards you are looking for in terms of rarity.

  1. Collect cards in a limited supply.
  2. Trace back membership history for each card in case it was traded.
  3. Build a deck of 20 cards using its favorite cards.
  4. Participate into duels in order to climb the ladder and earn rewards such as Trisel or additional cards.
  5. Use the crafting system to boost its cards.

Using the crafting system you can improve your cards by merging them, i.e. destroying some cards in order to power up one.

You will then increase its Potential, each 25% it will increase its Rank. Power is based on the Rank.

Once you reach 100% Potential, you can Awaken your card transforming it to its Alternative version.

Some cards can then be merged again in order to create an Alternative Combo version.

Yes, this is one of our main features.

If you collect all the cards of a set, you can order them physically.

In order to do so, you need to have them as NFT. Keep in mind that ordering real world version will lock them on the blockchain and will prevent any future upgrade.

Also, if you want to resell/buy them, you will have to get the NFT attached to it.

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