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a unique experience

CROSS THE AGES is more than an application for collecting game cards, it’s a universe, more precisely a dystopia.

With an exclusive concept of transforming cards from the virtual to the real world. Cross The Ages creates a unique experience of its kind.

It is a bridge between two worlds, the first nostalgic which reminds us of our first purchases of Panini card packs or magic the gathering and the other which is the world of technology where all our information, our memories are digitized.

The game is based on 7 novels which will give a hope of at least 10 years to this project.

The first season is composed by 365 various cards of Arkhante and Mantris which will consist to collect more than 290 cards, 52 off series, 10 exclusive and 7 unique collectable with different rarities :

  • Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super rare, Mythics, Alternative, Alternative combo, Exclusive, Unique


Virtual and real

Since their creation the cards have covered different textures, cardboard paper or even plastic, this one has always been on a physical medium.

For the first time, an application makes it possible to collect digital cards with physical activation.

With physical activation

Blockchain technology

Players can :
– collect cards without any risk of damage
– Track membership history for each card
– Get a guarantee of limited card number
– Carry out 100%-secure transactions
– Protect valuable cards against theft

Blockchain technology

Accessible to the consumer through several ways :
Gamificated features leveraging blockchain’s unique applications
Approachable brand based on a genuine passion for blockchain
Blockchain innovation with applications of:
    • digital scarcity,
    • digital collectibles,
    • non-fungible tokens.

All the possible actions in the game are enabled by purchasable crystals, boosters, skins for avatar, etc.

From virtual to real


Unique id number

Transition process

All cards have a unique identification number with the following nomenclature:
for example RA02000000033 indicates that this card is a rare number 20 of the collection and edition 33.

All cards are traced back to their former owners.

All cards are in limited editions, their finite number can only decrease, thus increasing the value of each card.

Transition process

What gives this game an exclusive dimension is the activation from the virtual to the real world.

Player who has managed to collect all the cards is able to obtain the cards in their physical version whether it is a normal or premium one.

All these cards have invisible marking that no longer
allow these cards to be merge, sold or destroyed.

Powers & elements

for the characters


In the Arkhanthe universe magic reigns. Depending on the territory, mages know how to use one or two types of elements



In Mantris, There are 5 forms of technology that govern the city


Protection and traceability

Blockchain & Currency


The marketplace integrated into the CRYSTAL currency, will allow players to sell their cards or mint them.

The value of the game lies in the value of the cards.

Unlike a classic collectible card game Cross The Ages requires careful strategy.

Each card of the game being edited on a finite number, we know the maximum number of cards but this number of cards will only decrease via merger.

The price of the cards can be influenced by strategic choices, some players betting on certain cards at the start of their game could largely see their investment climb to X10, X20 and even more.

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