Immutable X Migration

A step-by-step guide on how to import your pack from Polygon to Immutable X in order to play the game!

As we previously published, we are partnering with Immutable X, a leading layer-2 blockchain designed for community-first scalability. Our priority is to ensure that Cross the Ages: TCG is built from the ground up on the best foundation possible.

Now that Cross The Ages: TCG Early Access is available for Arkhante pack holders, it’s finally time for gaming! but first…

Let us guide you through migrating your NFTs from Polygon to Immutable X. See our step-by-step guide below!


All steps below are executed within the Bridge application:

Video tutorial:

Try now to bridge your pack:

Written tutorial:

1) Register your account using an email and a password. Please note that this is the account you will also use to log yourself in the game later.

2) Validate your account via the link in your confirmation email

3) Sign in with your game account on the bridge application

4) Link your polygon wallet using MetaMask by signing a nonce

4) Link your polygon wallet using MetaMask by signing a nonce

6) Choose the pack you want to bridge from the list. BE CAREFUL: you can only bridge ONE Premium pack, ONE Standard pack and ONE Legacy pack per account.

7) Sign the transaction in MetaMask and wait for the bridge to be completed. Once confirmed this CAN NOT be undone.

Followed all the steps?

Great job, you’ve done it! You have successfully migrated your Cross The Ages Arkhante pack from Polygon to Immutable X!
You can now open your pack(s) in-game or sell them on marketplace like OpenSea, Rarible and NFTrade!

Click here to bridge your packs:

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