Launch TCG Runner Stage #1

Win An NFT Pack Whitelist

This mini-game will give insight on the core mechanics of the CTA card game.


Due to technichal security imperatives, we want to inform you that these updates will happen as follows:

πŸ—“οΈ 2pm UTC on the weekend
πŸ—“οΈ 10am UTC on Monday

On top of that it will also allow our community to win CTA #whitelist spots!! 🎁

Get ready guys, game time!

How to access the game?

Depending on whether you are on a computer or a phone, the connection instructions are different:


Access the game from any browser via our website (news section) or directly using the following link :

Log in with your MetaMask wallet account and sign the message on the metamask window that pops-up.
(NB: chose the account you want to be eligible to win a whitelist.
Do not use an already whitelisted account or an address you already used for minting in previous presales sessions.)

Indicate your Username / Email address.
Then click on “Ready“.


First, Make sure you are on the correct account you want to use in the game.
To be able to log in to the game, use your in-app wallet browser (not your native mobile browser) to go to our website news section or the following link :

Click the Login button.

You will be asked to sign the Metamask connection message.
Upon confirmation you will be invited to indicate your Username / Email address.
Then click “Ready“.

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