The CTA Whitelisting Event: Minting Process

How to mint your NFT

Our First NFT Collection Presale Ended


Greetings Cross The Ages Fans and Fanatics!

Like you, we share a great excitement as our “Early Access” event is getting closer and closer. Users who won their whitelist spot have a strong advantage as they will be automatically joining our early game release once they own one of our NFT premium packs.

These are packs with very special and rare NFT cards that will give their owner a big leap in the game and on the trading market. This ensures that our overall ecosystem starts off with a robust economy and a solid gamers community.

During these first presale sessions, you have the opportunity to acquire a Premium “Arkhante edition” NFT booster pack. These NFT packs are a limited edition and will never be reissued.
All presales will be over before the game’s early access launch.

Here you will find more details about presales, minting dates, whitelist winners, and all the NFT promotional packs available.

Our official minting page is:

Early Access Promotional Packs

Below you’ll find the list of our promotional packs, both free (only by airdrop) and paid (only available in presales), along with their number of NFT cards included and scarcity options you can expect for each type of pack!

Free Packs

•  Standard Packs : Standard packs are free and airdropped to special events winners. They include 20 NFTs with no mythic card guaranteed – (Color: Black)

Premium Packs available for sale

Apprentice Pack

Apprentice Pack – The price of the Apprentice pack is 100 usd with a minimum of 20 NFTs and 1 mythic card guaranteed – (Color: Red):
– 18 cards: 10 common, 3 uncommon, 3 rare, 1 ultra rare, 1 mythic
– +2 foil cards guaranteed with at least one rare

Disciple Pack

Disciple Pack – The price of the Disciple pack is 250 usd with a minimum of 25 NFTs and 3 mythic cards – (Color: Green):
– 23 cards: 8 common, 3 uncommon, 6 rare, 3 ultra rare, 3 mythic
– +2 foil cards guaranteed with at least one ultra rare

Primus Pack

Primus Pack -The price of the Primus pack is 500 usd with a minimum of 30 NFTs and 6 mythic cards – (Color: Blue):
– 27 cards: 3 common, 3 uncommon, 9 rare, 6 ultra rare, 6 mythic
– +3 foil cards guaranteed with at least one mythic

NB: All cards inside these Premium packs are already minted into NFTs (thus avoiding minting fees in order to make them NFTs if they were to be digital cards)

Presale sessions

• Presale 1: April the 5th 2022 at 5pm CET (72h session) – Prices: 61 / 153 / 304 MATIC – Status: Closed
• Presale 2: April the 15th 2022 at 5pm CET (72h session) – Prices: 73 / 182 / 365 MATIC – Status: Closed
• Presale 3: April the 22nd 2022 at 5pm CET (72h session) – Prices: 71 / 178 / 356 MATIC – Status: Closed
• Presale 4: April the 29th 2022 at 5pm CET (72h session) – Prices: 84 / 209 / 417 MATIC – Status: Closed
• Presale 5 : May the 6th 2022 at 5pm CET (72h session) – Prices: 95 / 236 / 472 MATIC – Status : Closed
• Presale 6 : May the 13th 2022 at 5pm CET (72h session) – Prices: 143 / 358 / 716 MATIC – Status : Closed
• Presale 7 : May the 20th 2022 at 5pm CET (72h session) – Prices: 152 / 379 / 758 MATIC – Status : Closed
• Presale 8 : May the 27th 2022 at 5pm CET (72h session) – Prices: 171 / 427 / 854 MATIC – Status : Closed
• LAST Presale 9 : June the 3rd 2022 at 5pm CET (72h session) – Prices: 167 / 417 / 833 MATIC – Status : Closed

Cross the Ages will now be hosting a minting presale every week, on Fridays 18:00 CET until 1 week prior to the game early access official date. The maximum supply limit of packs is:
– Standard Packs: 2 000
– Premium Packs: 18 000

Important information: If those limits are reached before “Early Access” launch, all airdrops and presales will be officially closed. On the other hand, if the limits are not reached before “Early Access” launch, all airdrops and presales will be closed 1 week prior to the “Early Access” official date.

When Presales are over…

 Once the “Early Access” goes live, the only opportunity to get booster Packs will be through in-game purchase, and the chances to get mythic cards or foil cards after game release will not be guaranteed. Actually they will be much lower. For example:

• The odds for players to get 1 mythic card in-game is 1 out of 24 packs
• The odds for players to get 1 mythic foil card in-game is 1 out of 240 packs

The booster packs that will be on store in the game will not have the same card types distribution, they will be cheaper for a reason!

Ready? Set? Mint!


Some details regarding the minting process:

•  Whitelist rewards are cumulative – you will be able to mint 1 NFT pack for each whitelist you have. But the wallet addresses have to be unique for each whitelist spot won.
• If your wallet address is on the list of winners and has not already minted during a previous session, you will have 72 hours to mint 1 NFT pack of your choice
• Check this link to find out if you are on the list or not
• The crypto currency used for payment is $MATIC
• The minting occurs on the Polygon Blockchain
• Minting is available from both Web browser and Mobile wallet browser

Once the beta version of CTA game goes live, you’ll be able to open your booster packs. Upon opening, you’ll be able to access your NFT cards along with the additional GIFT included in all the Premium packs minted during these presales.


There are only three official addresses linked to Cross The Ages. Please make sure all your packs are minted from the 3 contract addresses listed below when purchasing on secondary market or when you receive an airdrop:

Stay alert!

The New Premium packs
(since Minting session 2 on April the 15th)
playable in game are minted from
this contract address:



The Old "Legacy" Premium packs (from Minting session 1 of April the 6th, not playable in game but only a collector item) are minted from
this contract address:



The Standard Packs (free packs airdropped on special events) are playable and are minted from
this contract address:



NB: All the above contracts have same creator address (Optional) :



Warning: Please pay attention to imposters and counterfeit booster packs. Only items minted from the above-mentioned contract addresses are valid and official.


 In this section, you will find a tutorial to prepare your MetaMask wallet to purchase a booster pack. If you don’t have a Metamask wallet, install the Metamask wallet from this link: for desktop or via Metamask mobile app (Google Playstrore/Apple Strore) on your phone.

1- Adding Polygon network to your wallet (Metamask)

Once metamask installed, you will first need to add the polygon network in your wallet settings, otherwise you won’t be able to see your MATIC balance in your wallet:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5    -    Step 6    -    Step 7

After adding the Polygon network on your Metamask, we will now show you how to supply your wallet with MATIC in order to mint your packs on our minting page.

2 – Deposit MATICS on you Polygon wallet:

Before taking any further steps, it is important to note that we are only suggesting the shortest and easiest way to set up your MetaMask and deposit the MATIC amount of your choice. It is certainly not an advice on the best or cheapest way to do it.

There are many alternative methods to buy and/or deposit MATIC on your wallet account, such as using exchange platforms like Binance,, Kraken… or bridges such as Polygon Bridge, Umbria… These can be less expensive and more interesting in terms of fees and trading rates, but can require some more research from your part depending on your use-case.

Metamask easiest way to deposit MATIC:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Now that your Wallet is funded, you are able to proceed with the mint of your pack.

3- Proceed with the minting:

Our official minting page is:

Minting process steps

1• Connect you Metamask to the website
2• Sign transaction on your wallet extension to confirm the connexion
3• Make sure you are connected on the Polygon Mainnet at the top of your extension window
4• Choose the pack you’re interested in among the 3 premium packs suggested.
5• Click on “Mint this Package”
6• Remember to confirm your transaction on your metamask extension or application (sometimes, depending on traffic on the network, your transaction cam take some time. You can speed it up by increasing transaction fees in metamask settings or just wait for it to be confirmed)
7• You can confirm the reception of your pack on Opensea by simply connecting your metamask wallet the same way and clicking on your profile. Check the hidden section.
8• You can also check the transaction status on Polygon scan by clicking the transaction address in the Metamask transaction details.


Still didn’t get your Whitelist Spot…no worries, more opportunities are still coming!

A total of 20,000 participants will have the opportunity to be whitelisted and receive early access to our NFT card packs before the launch of CTA Card game.

We have already run 7 massive Gleam contests – both proprietary and through partnerships. We also held special giveaway events on Discord, Telegram and Paris NFT days to get a whitelist spot by simply filling out a form.

In total, more than 4,000 people have already got the chance to mint their CTA booster pack.

You still have time to join this exclusive group! We’ve scheduled more future events and some are already underway. To know more about Whitelisting, follow us on social media and stay tuned to future announcements.

Here are the different ways to be whitelisted:

  • Participate in contests on the Cross The Ages Twitter or with our various partners. These contests allow a large number of people to become whitelisted.

  • Join our discord and participate in the multiple contests and giveaways we are organizing regularly to be whitelisted.

  • Tune-in to AMAs for random opportunities to gain access to the airdrop whitelists.

As you can see, in Cross The Ages, we value the community commitments to the project. The whitelist is easily accessible if you are present, active, and involved as a member of the CTA community.

To stay informed, follow our official accounts on social media.

Last but not least…

We would like to wish all participants in our Early Access Whitelisting event the best of luck! Remember to mark your calendar – we don’t want you to miss this fantastic opportunity to own CTA NFTs. These will help in your quest to dominate the metaverse and earn big rewards!

We thank you wholeheartedly for your unwavering support. We’re looking forward to sharing more updates with you.

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