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Mar 26 2024

TCG Patch 0.22

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Update of March 27, 2024

TCG patch 0.22.9073

Dear CTA players,

What a beautiful day ahead! Here comes a highly anticipated update with some exciting topics. Deck-building enthusiasts, you're going to love what's coming up next 👇

1. New heptagram 🙈

The heptagram gets a new way! Forget about the traits (Arkhomes, TechStyles)! All Arkhante, Mantris (and Rift) factions are now linked under the same 7 elements, namely: Life, Earth, Darkness, Water, Fire, Light, and Air.

Find all the details in the heptagram article.

2. Gameplay changes, Step 1 🃏

a. Strength/Weakness System 💥

Such a huge change! Strength and weakness relationships are now at +200/-200 points instead of +150/-150. Say goodbye to headaches!

b. Alliances 🤝

You were familiar with affinities and trinities, welcome Alliances! Two cards from different factions but the same element are allied, offering a +100 power bonus upon the card's placement. A reinforcement counter is now visible on each card in the bottom left corner.

A new chapter in Adventure mode introduces Affinities. Curious to see your decks combining Arkhante and Mantris!

c. New SA 🎮

Is Revenge a dish best served cold? Will you be one of CTA's falling in love with those news SA, revenge or patience? All details available here, including the conditions to unlock them.

d. Scoring 🎲

The targeting score is now 55, 60, or 65. 50 has now been removed.

3. Cards and new design 🖼️

You've already seen the first new element from the articles on the SR. Today, it's the entire marketplace and your collection that are getting a makeover. These changes are the first step for the incoming steps of the gameplay rework.

4. A redesigned game board 🔲

You'll love the new design of the game board, simpler and putting your beautiful cards more in the spotlight.

5. Happy birthday 🎂

What's happening? That's the TCG anniversary, which will be celebrated on the 29th, but we have a special gift for you in advance! To celebrate, discover right now the new raid boss in Adventure mode. As a bonus, five new Exclusive cards are available: Kunesh, Gamar, and their combo version! 🤩

The event starts today, 2024.03.27 08.00 UTC, and ends on 2024.05.01 08.00 UTC. Regarding the numbering of Exclusive cards, the pool is open until 2024.04.12 08.00 UTC to randomly receive their number.

Exclusives Cards Kunesh and Gamar

Raid boss, how does it work? 👾

  • To open the raid mode, you must have a minimum of 35 stars in Adventure mode.
  • Insignia is needed to get cards in Flex version; otherwise, they will be in Static format.
  • Bosses are divided into several tiers, each with its own difficulty and element! There are a total of 7 Tier 1 bosses, 7 Tier 2 bosses, and 1 Tier 3 boss. They also drop various items like cosmetics! For Tier 1, you have a 20% chance of getting the exclusive card in its standard version; for Tier 2, 10% chance of getting the exclusive card in its alternative version, and for Tier 3, 5% chance of getting the exclusive card in its combo version.

Duel against the boss works in 2 phases. The boss evolves based on the number of recruited players.

  • Recruitment Phase: A registration period is open at a cost of 30 energy. Once recruited, wait for the duel to begin!
  • Fighting Phase: You have a limited time to collectively beat the boss. Participants can face the boss as many times as they want during this time. Latecomers must use 60 energy to join!

Boss Ended: If the boss loses, participants will receive rewards individually directly into their mailbox, and a new recruitment phase will start later. If the boss wins, no one receives rewards, and a new registration phase begins.

The level 3 boss is special. Astrogant only appears when players have beat all the bosses of each element. Once Astrogant is dead, the cycle starts again.

For any additional information, you can find the complete patch note at the end of the update or directly in the game.

So many new things! Can't wait to see your Exclusive Kunesh and Gamar cards, as well as your new theorycrafts! 🥸

The Cross The Ages Team